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  About Us


       The Jersey Titans Paintball is a paintball scenario and speedball team that was established in 2001 by a father and son.  At the time, the team consisted by a few friends from the son’s high school. It was supposed to be a regular ordinary team, who got together for the weekend to play paintball for fun.  Later through the years they picked up a good reputation on and off the field.  The Titans lead a few times at Castle Conquest at EMR.  The Titans also won awards for MVT and MVP at different scenario games and fields.

        The Jersey Titans grew little by little by picking up new players at various games; thus, making new friends along the way.  The team grew to become a respectable team.  They teamed up with players from other teams like PPONTI, Ghost Team, and a few solo players.  Also some of these players came from the NASPBL league.  One player commanded the Jersey team while the Co-Captain of the Titans commanded the New York team.  There, they bonded and the New York Captain joined the Jersey Titans bringing along a couple of his players.  The team consists of players from Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, and from New Jersey.  In 2010 at Paintball Sports Inc paintball field in NY, we teamed up with the "Blue team". An aggressive young bunch from New York. They are now the Jersey Titans Blue Division. Paintball Sports Inc is now the home of the Jersey Titans. 

         Player’s background experience ranges from law enforcement, ex-military, and recreational players playing scenario and speedball games. The age of the players ranges from 15 to 59.

         Hopefully in the upcoming years, the Titans will bring a positive message to the paintball community that the Titans are a good fierce team on the field and great hospitality off the field.  The hospitality includes a roaring bond fire and a burger named after the team called the Titan burger.  All in all we are all here to have good time.  So if you see us around, don't hesitate to join us for a meal.



Team Rules and Regulations:

  • Always play with good sportsmanship! No wiping, no blind firing, no arguing with other players or refs.
  • Safety is key factor to playing paintball and we follow all field rules 100% regarding goggles, velocity, and barrel plugs.
  • No bad mouthing of other players or in house in public. RESPECT!
  • No camping unless the mission objective commands us to.
  • Play hard and have fun at the same time.

Joining Team Requirements:

  • You are a paintball enthusiast.
  • You are a team player with an aggressive attitude in playing to win with no lone wolf mentality.
  • Good radio and communication skills.
  • You must be able to make atleast 2 games of our scheduled games. We are only interested in members who are active and engaged in the team. Unless otherwise.
  • Must be 18 years old or older and have your own means of transportation. Transportation is not a must, but must make arrangements with other players. If a parent is part of the team, his or her son or daughter can play under the rule of field allowed age. 


Email: badkarmajtpb@gmail.com 


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